Statistical & Epidemiological

Consultation Services

OB-STATS specializes in providing statistical and epidemiological consultation services to researchers as they conduct clinical research projects. As a physician-scientist, having earned both an MD and a PhD, Dr. Howard is passionate about clinical research. There are two very specific areas where many clinicians need help when conducting research, one being statistical analysis. Simply put, most clinicians do not have formal statistical training. They might have brilliant ideas for research projects but once their data is collected they cannot run the analysis. Some researchers are part of large universities and can consult their colleagues in the Statistics or Epidemiology department. However, not all clinicians conducting clinical research have that luxury. Many clinical research projects carried out in the US are being carried out by residents (physicians in training). In many residency programs, residents are required to carry out a research project as part of their graduation requirements.

As a resident back in 2010-2013, Dr. Howard saw fellow residents struggling with the statistical analysis portion of their research projects. The small statistics division at his hospital was overworked with other priorities and had very little time to do pro-bono or even paid work for the physicians in the department. This inspired Dr. Howard to start his own business that provides consultation services to anyone who doesn’t have access to affordable statistical consulting.

Dr. Howard has over ten years of experience using STATA to conduct both small and large scale statistical analyses. This experience originated during his PhD in Epidemiology and has continued since. As a start up company, our rate for statistical consulting is competitive and is currently set at $50 per hour. If you are conducting a research study and need statistical consulting services, please contact OB-STATS.