Educational Content

for CE/CME Credit

Our educational content is ideal for two different audiences. The first audience that our educational content is geared towards is trainees who have little prior experience doing a research project, and need to be guided through the process. The current web-based course “How to do a Research Project” will teach you everything you need to know about conducting research. The second audience that we develop content for is individuals already in practice who are interested in research and need CE/CME credit. These practitioners are individuals who are seeking to maintain, develop, or increase their knowledge, skills and performance in their practice. “How to do a Research Project” provides two hours of CE/CME credit (after passing the exam with 75% or higher) and the cost of $35.00.

“How to Do a Research Project” Learning Objectives:

  1. Describe how to generate and assess the feasibility of a research project.
  2. Describe the characteristics of a successful research proposal.
  3. Translate a research idea into a specific research study objective.
  4. Choose an appropriate study design based upon the research study objective.
  5. Select appropriate exposure and outcome variables based upon the research study objective.
  6. Identify potential research study confounders that could affect research results.
  7. Choose an appropriate data collection method based upon the research study objective.
  8. Choose an appropriate statistical model(s) for data analysis based upon the study design.
  9. Describe how to distinguish between internal and external validity and types of bias.
  10. Construct an effective survey that maximizes participant responses.
  11. Describe the characteristics of an effective research paper.

Dr. Howard - Study Design Lecture on GYOEDU

Watch The Full Video Below.

GYOEDU is an online educational community that provides easy to access gynecological content for users. Dr. Howard had the pleasure of recording a lecture with GYOEDU, discussing the importance of study design.

Risk of Hysterectomy Video Final Spanish Version

Watch The Full Video Below.

Risk of Hysterectomy Video Final Spanish Version. Video by Stepahnie Ma. View the full video below!