OB-STATS provides scientific document editing services to help enhance your finished product and increase your chances of publication. Without changing the meaning of your document, we will make it more comprehensible. After OB-STATS has edited your scientific document, it will be ready for submission.

What makes the editing services by OB-STATS unique?

There is a difference between editing for content and editing for language. We do both.

We Edit For Content

The president and CEO of OB-STATS has an MD and a phD, and is a reviewer for several different OBGYN journals. Because he has extensive experience in the medical fields and with research, we will first handedly edit the content of your document. Due to the extensive number of publications in peer-reviewed journals, Dr. Howard knows all of the aspects that go into publishing research.

We Edit For Language

One of our editors, Jasmine Hankey, will edit your document for technical errors. Jasmine studied technical and professional writing, earned a Master of Arts in English Literature, and taught several English classes. Jasmine is highly experienced with knowing what to look for when editing scientific manuscripts. We edit ALL language aspects of your paper. Nothing will be left out.

Careful Attention to English as a Second Language (ESL) Students
The OB-STATS experts specialize in helping students whose first language is not English. Dr. Howard has noticed a consistent trend when reviewing articles submitted by researchers whose primary language isn’t English—they struggle with grammar. For such authors, OB-STATS can edit their submitted manuscripts prior to journal editors formally reviewing them. This saves time and streamlines the process. OB-STATS believes that little experience with the English language should never stop a student from sharing important scientific discoveries with the community.

What OB-STATS Can Promise


Because we are passionate about helping researchers with publication, we strive to provide editing services to individuals at a very affordable cost. With the OB-STATS editing service, we charge a flat rate for a deep and honest look at all aspects of your manuscript. We don’t believe in “choose your level of editing” because we want to help in every way that we can. With OB-STATS, you will know exactly the price you are going to pay, and exactly the service you are going to receive. All add-ons and extra requests are 100% included in the price.


Submitting your document to a large company with hundreds of editors may be a scary thought. How do you know who will be editing your document? Is he or she qualified? What if you’re not happy? OB-STATS is very transparent about the entire editing process. You will know exactly who is editing your document and you can be sure that they have the experience you’re looking for. While many large companies with hundreds of editors will simply take your document and fix small mistakes that they find, OB-STATS is interested in being 100% invested in your project.

Not only is our service cheaper, but it’s also faster—authors get their edited manuscripts within 7 days. OB-STATS can also promise a response time to any and all questions you may have. You can also be sure that you will receive a personalized response directly from Dr. David Howard or Jasmine Hankey. Ask questions along the way. We are here to help.

The OB-STATS Process

Client sends inquiry to OB-STATS

A verbal agreement is established by email and client sends manuscript to OB-STATS

Scope of work is determined and client pays a $50 deposit to OB-STATS

Client pays remainder of balance once the work is completed

Client receives edited manuscript from OB-STATS

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Compare OB-STATS To Its Competitors

Cost$200 for standard 30 page document (15,000 words). Includes ALL additional Add-ons and requestsAbout $400 not including VAT tax for a manuscript that is 6,001 to 12,000 words.Pricing for a manuscript above 12,000 is not listed. Depends on type and length of document.The starting price for thesis editing is $400, but you must contact Editage for your individual quote. Price depends on word count, level of service chosen, and turnaround time.
Turnaround Time7 days4 (short documents) - 7 business days4 (short documents) - 7 business days
EditorsDr. David Howard: President and CEO of OB-STATS, practicing M.D., p.h.D., reviewer for several OBGYN Journals

Jasmine Hankey: Bachelor’s Degree in technical and professional writing and Master’s Degree in English Literature
Ambiguous… “a managing editor and a language editor”Nonspecific… “2,000+ professional editors”
Payment$50 deposit until entire job is finished. Client will then pay the additional $150. NO extra or hidden fees tacked on at the endFull payment required before document has been editedFull payment required before document has been edited
Nature of Editing• Edits for Language AND content (with client’s approval)
• No “choose your level” We treat all manuscripts as if the client has paid for advanced level service
• Reference assistance
Strictly English-Language editing. Content editing is a separate package with separate pricing which is not specified on the site.Language editing and formatting. Reference check depending on level. Different levels of editing give you a different service.
Add-OnsAll add-ons are 100% includedNothing is all-inclusive. Client pays for any and every additional serviceClient must pay for additional services.

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